Boosting the Immune System Starts in the Gut

Next Challenge to be determined

Start strengthening your immune system by eating more vital foods

Get Your Body. Mind and Immune System ready for the fall and winter


28 Day Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Challenge

Boosting the Immune System Start in the Gut

We all hear that the brain and the gut are connected. The gut and the immune system are also connected and we are seeing this in real time like no other time. 

It is a lifestyle change and a mindset shift.

This is a goal and this goal is attainable. Goals need to be track-able and this one is track-able.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other benefits:  

  • Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings

  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing; Improves fertility

  • Improves brain health; Improves memory and clear brain fog

  • Improves digestion; Increases energy levels; Improves the Immune System

  • Improves quality of sleep; Decreases anxiety and mood swings 

I will SEND you:

  1. Success Manual

  2. 4 weeks of weekly meal plans; 4 weeks of weekly grocery lists

  3. A recipe manual; Dining out swap guide

  4. A goal Sheet (for measurements & pics); Getting started check list

  5. Private FB Group to be a part of and will send out daily emails

Fitness, Strength Yoga or Barre Part:

  • You will need to attend 4 Yoga/barre classes per week. They don't have to be my classes. If I have enough ppl that want early morning classes I will do a zoom class or an outdoor class.

  • What if you can’t make it to the studio all 4 days? I have a you tube channel with 21+ classes uploaded

  • Cardio Portion: You will walk vigorously/hike for 60 minutes 2 times per week; or 30 min 4 times a week

  • Rest Day: You have at least one


If you are already a monthly member of the studio the cost $47; this is for the nutrition.

If you only want to do the nutrition and workout on your own, this option will work for you as well.

If you are not a monthly member $97 (reg $107); this is for the nutrition, live zoom classes (TBS) or In-Studio (Reg. Class Schedule).

No Refunds or Transfers

Hopefully this answers your questions. If not, head to the contact page to email me or call the studio 970.292.8313



"I have been doing yoga at this studio for 3 years now. I love Christi's Strength Yoga approach--it's a great workout! I've seen great results: increased flexibility, toning, balance. I just finished the 28-day challenge. It was the perfect jumpstart to eating healthy and getting active again after quarantine! My whole family enjoyed the recipes, many we will keep in our regular rotation. I also had a successful PDTR session with Christi a couple of weeks ago for lower back pain. Christi is knowledgeable and personable." Elyse A.


Hi Christi,

I lost 10 pounds, which was an awesome bonus, but the lack of swelling for a month, and zero aleve was the kicker!  I will eat overnight quinoa forever!  There's a lot of things I will do differently in the future, like bun-less burgers and zucchini soup on days after I have too much sugar.  

Thank you for introducing me to smoothies that actually taste good & chia seeds.

This was a fun experience and I will be so much more conscious about what I eat (like no more gummy vitamins!).

Now, let's just hope that the pool stays open and your studio can stay open!  Cheers to a really really good month we just had!

THank you,


​​​'Ok- first, the results! I lost 8 inches and 8 pounds in 28 days with Christi's 28-Day Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Challenge!! This was not hard. It was enjoyable (yum chipotle salmon and mango salsa!), and for the first time ever, I completed a health challenge.

I participated in the June 28-Day Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Challenge which was focused on nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness. Every day Christi sent an email to participants focused on goal setting, with motivational tips, podcasts, and quotes.

The nutrition plan was easy to follow and has helped me completely restructure my eating habits. My mornings have changed completely with Morning Mojo, coffee and a cleaner breakfast and snack. This alone has changed how I move through the mornings and sets my day up for better and more mindful eating habits.

I am a busy mom and finding time to work out can be challenging and make me feel guilty. The daily, positive email reminders encouraged me to bike to local errands, take short walks at lunch and in the evening, and in general move my body more.

I am so grateful for this chance as it provided a structure that was easy to follow. The work Christi puts in pays back tenfold and it is so much more than a one-month health challenge, it really is retraining your brain on how to be your healthiest self!' Melissa R.

These results are common...weight loss, support, etc...

“I just finished the Booty Yoga 28 Day Challenge and would highly recommend it! I almost didn't do it, just because I am so busy, it is hard to find time in my schedule. Christi made it easy and doable!! If your thinking of it...just do it!! I was not able to make it into the studio for the yoga classes but I was able to do the yoga at home (on her Youtube Channel). But that is only the beginning of how she made it easy, here is a list of what she provided me:
*Daily motivational emails
*Weekly shopping list
*Weekly menus with AMAZING food that taste soooo good!
*Facebook group for support
I felt great, and was able to drop 9.1# and am so happy for the changes to come. This challenge was only 28 days but definitely has changed my life.
Thank you Christi!!!"
Jackie M.

Christi Sullivan is the founder of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years teaching, training and presenting all over the world. Her background is extensive in exercise physiology B.S, strength and conditioning, nutrition, neurology and functional biomechanics allows her to provide extra correct instruction on alignment and muscle engagement throughout her classes

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