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Our Philosophy

Vitality for Life (formerly known as Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness) is designed for people wanting to enhance their lives by bringing mind, body and soul together.

​Christi Sullivan, owner


Christi Sullivan has integrated the science of strength training with the intuition of yoga in a class she calls Strength Yoga. Christi applies advanced teachings to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, yoga and strength and conditioning fields to help people get out of pain and improve function.


She is on the way to becoming an international presenter, teaching about this unique style of Strength Yoga that she created in Australia. She is bringing it around the world, from Canada to New Zealand, where this style is in high demand.


She has applied these techniques with professional athletes, weekend warriors and stay-at-home moms, who are now living healthier and more functional lives.


Christi is a highly sought-out professional backed by world leaders in the fields of corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, nutrition and lifestyle management. 

Christi also served in the Army Reserves between 1993-2000 as a Supply and Armory Specialist (92Y for the military :-) )


Christi had the honor to train Hollywood actress, AnnaSophia Robb, to prepare for her lead role on the film "Soul Surfer."


Sullivan has also trained two professional cyclists to attain first place in major races using these concepts, as well as several golf professionals out of back pain and back to excelling in their sport.


Sullivan' education:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology,

  • Associates of Arts degree in Physical Education 

  • Founder of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness.

  • Creator of Strength Yoga

  • Level 4 CHEK Practitioner;

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 3;

  • FMA Strength Presenter and FMA Strength Coach Level 2;

  • Metabolic Typing Advisor and uses Intuitive Eating (an integration of physiology and intuition).

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner Level 3

  • P-DTR Foundations Practitioner and actively studying for Intermediate and Advanced (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex)

"Christi Sullivan is a CHEK 4 Practitioner with extensive experience in yoga and the healing arts and sciences. She is highly skilled, capable, an excellent example of her living philosophy, and a great teacher and presenter. With her as your instructor, you are sure to gain wisdom, awareness, and body-mind freedom. "

- Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Founder, CHEK Institute


“Christi Sullivan is a very gifted teacher and someone I hold in very high esteem. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with this beautiful soul, I strongly recommend you seize the opportunity and allow your life to be touched by her wisdom. She is bridging the gap between strength conditioning and yoga.”

- Mark Buckley founder

of FMA Strength Training

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