Beginner Yoga Workshop Series

Do you still question whether you are doing your postures right, even after attending yoga classes for years?

or Ever feel intimidated entering a class?

You are not the only one!

  •  I understand how hard it is to work up the courage and confidence to start something new and walk into a classroom.

  • I also understand being hesitant going out in public during Covid-19 and why I converted the course to an online at home course

  •  I have a unique approach bridging the gap of the science of strength and conditioning with the intuitive nature of yoga.

  • I have put together a beginner workshops to go over the fundamental poses which is the foundation of any practice and what we mainly do here at Loveland Yoga.


In addition, I go over mindset, emotions and the chakras and there associated postures and how they affect the posture.

You can always message me if you have questions or if need be set-up an appointment via Zoom or In-person for an assessment. I'm very skilled at biomechanics and assessment, most things can be done hands off. If a P-DTR correction is necessary, that need to be done in-person.

This is more like a miniature Yoga Teacher Training for the Everyday Yogi without having to spend thousands of dollars and being gone for weeks at a time. Especially if you don't want to teach yoga but simply learn more about the postures and yourself in a safe environment.

Most people want to know how to do the movements correctly. This will get you on your way. In a way no other program can. I am bridging the gap between strength and conditioning and the intuition of yoga for a unique approach.


"I took the Beginners Yoga Workshop in Sept 2016 with Christi, and it was an amazing experience. It was an educational piece that allowed me to learn the postures and proper form, and help me build confidence going into classes. Christi did an amazing job of making modifications for each person based on their needs. This yoga studio has been the only place that I have been able to come and feel completely comfortable and can actually enjoy the practice of yoga. The class was amazing!" Stephanie M.

"I was also in this class and loved it. Christi is so friendly, and comfortable to be around. Even though my older body is stiff and difficult to maneuver, I never once felt embarrassed or out of place. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to get into yoga, and enjoy it!" Kathy F.

"If you have ever had a desire to learn the basics of yoga, but have felt intimidated then this is the class for you.  Christi meets each student where they are physically, emotionally and spiritually. I never once felt out of place or embarrassed.  Christi is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share it.  She is down to earth and has a passion to help people through education and encouragement.  I highly recommend this class if you have ever wanted to learn the basics of yoga in a safe, fun and encouraging environment!"    Theresa B


This Strength Yoga School will help you discover:

  • What makes a good practice and the principles of yoga.

  • It will help you develop the confidence and courage to enter a yoga class Or help you develop a home practice

  • Teach you the key principles to your alignment.

  • Develop strength and learn Squat and Lunge patterns (Utkasana and Warrior Poses); Push Patterns (Table Tops, Hi PLanks

  • Teach you to set yourself up for success and simple practicing tools

  • Deeper understanding to breath work and how yoga can help you decrease anxiety and increase confidence.

  • What the Chakras are and how they play apart in your physical, emotional, and mental being.

  • A brief introduction into Ayurveda Nutrition the sister science to a yoga practice.

This has been converted into an online learning course
Please head to the Christi's Strength Yoga School tab to sign-up $87 (reg. $197)

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