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Beginner Yoga Workshop Series

This has been converted into an online learning course
Please head to the Christi's Strength Yoga School tab to sign-up $87 (reg. $197)
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Do you still question whether you are doing your postures right, even after attending yoga classes for years?

or Ever feel intimidated entering a class?

You are not the only one!

  •  I understand how hard it is to work up the courage and confidence to start something new and walk into a classroom.

  • I also understand being hesitant going out in public during Covid-19 and why I converted the course to an online at home course

  •  I have a unique approach bridging the gap of the science of strength and conditioning with the intuitive nature of yoga.

  • I have put together a beginner workshops to go over the fundamental poses which is the foundation of any practice and what we mainly do here at Loveland Yoga.

In addition, I go over mindset, emotions and the chakras and there associated postures and how they affect the posture.

You can always message me if you have questions or if need be set-up an appointment via Zoom or In-person for an assessment. I'm very skilled at biomechanics and assessment, most things can be done hands off. If a P-DTR correction is necessary, that need to be done in-person.

This is more like a miniature Yoga Teacher Training for the Everyday Yogi without having to spend thousands of dollars and being gone for weeks at a time. Especially if you don't want to teach yoga but simply learn more about the postures and yourself in a safe environment.

Most people want to know how to do the movements correctly. This will get you on your way. In a way no other program can. I am bridging the gap between strength and conditioning and the intuition of yoga for a unique approach.

This Strength Yoga School will help you discover:

  • What makes a good practice and the principles of yoga.

  • It will help you develop the confidence and courage to enter a yoga class Or help you develop a home practice

  • Teach you the key principles to your alignment.

  • Develop strength and learn Squat and Lunge patterns (Utkasana and Warrior Poses); Push Patterns (Table Tops, Hi PLanks

  • Teach you to set yourself up for success and simple practicing tools

  • Deeper understanding to breath work and how yoga can help you decrease anxiety and increase confidence.

  • What the Chakras are and how they play apart in your physical, emotional, and mental being.

  • A brief introduction into Ayurveda Nutrition the sister science to a yoga practice.

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