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Strive for Progress not Perfection

Personal Health Coach 

Maybe you are a beginner, a frustrated woman in menopause struggling with your weight, or it's been so long that you are not sure where to begin. That new diet (no matter if it's keto, paleo or vegan) is not going to be answer to changing your behavior. The keys or magic to weight loss and achieving goals is facing and conquering self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. 

Overwhelm makes you feel like giving up before you even start. I'm here to help sort through the overwhelm.

I've worked in the fitness industry since I was 18 years old and I am now going to turn 52 this year (2022). I've been through 9 surgeries (most of them on my abdominal wall). You can attain a flat and strong central core but it's more than just exercise. One of those surgeries I was thrown into surgical menopause at 31.


I have also experienced the interesting shift of my body entering my 50's that coincided with the pandemic. A great number of people experienced weight gain and trouble losing the weight despite working out and eating right. I'm there with you and again it's more than just working out. 

If it were only about working out you would have those six pack abs and wearing a size 4. 

You have probably recognized that self sabotaging behaviors get in the way of your goals and progress and you don't know how to conquer them so you just quit and think the next fad will be the answer to you changing your self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs. Unless you address these and realize it's about being consistent, acknowledging that you are human and that there will be ups and downs and IT"S OK.  You are simply re-enforcing limiting beliefs that you don't deserve the outcomes you want. This is work! I am here to help you. 

I have many programs to help get you started. The most basic and foundational (which is the most important) to advanced. We work with Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual reasons why you are not attaining your goals and how to get through them. When I say "we" I mean you and I. 

Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset are intertwined. 

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Nutrition is one of the most challenging things. So much information out there. We get caught up in the one size fits all and that I never have to change foods ever again mentality. 

The body is an ever changing, feeling and amazing marvel. It's myopic to think the body as only a piece of machinery that doesn't need high quality food for cellular turn over (you are what you eat). Though we will compare ourselves to cars and such for making analogies. 

We have lost the art of listening to our bodies and what it needs and when it needs it for the sake of convenience. 

If you want high Vitality you need to eat high Vitality foods. Meaning these foods have a high life force to help give you a high life force. 

The picture below is an example of how most people are living and wonder why they are sick. The picture at the top is where we need to be for a high life force and vitality. 

What is key here is a food, sleep and exercise log. So we can see what needs to be taken out and what needs to be put in. 



If Nutrition wasn't challenging enough, here comes exercise and movement. 

Where to start? 

Most people start too hard and at an advanced level because they think the harder the better and I will get faster results.

Ummm ... NOPE! 

It may give you a short term result but there will be a long term consequence which will take you longer to recover from if at all. 

This is a lifestyle change. Which means working out and eating healthy is something you want to be doing long term and for the love of it. Not just for the wedding, not just for the trip but long term. Doing it for the love of life, to be able to do the things you want, to be able to play with your children and grandchildren, to be able to sit on the toilet by yourself, to be able to bend over and tie your own shoes and your children/grandchildren.

Weight loss is a wonderful benefit and so is being pain free and being able to do basic human functions.

I will help you achieve those goals in a healthy and smart way. It takes longer and you will have longevity because of it.

Meditating in Nature


Here is where all change begins. 

Here is where our beliefs, values and courage lie.

Here is where our self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behavior reside.

This is where the majority of the work is for us being able to achieve our goals. 

When we come up to these obstacles, it is not to throw in the towel and say "well that program didn't work or that food plan failed' and it's only been a month maybe 2. 

What most people avoid is healing unhealed emotions/traumas from childhood that you are not good enough, not worthy enough some how to have what you want  -- b/c this... this is hard work. 

This is where we find ourselves on the floor crying, screaming or binging saying 'screw it'

BTW...nothing wrong with going through this. We want to learn to catch in earlier before it gets to this point in all it's glory. 

I've been there many times and probably come upon some more. What makes these ones that are coming is that I will be able to recognize that energy sooner (before It over takes me like a tidal wave). 

This way I can process it and heal that inner child that needs to be seen, acknowledged and integrated.

If it sounds like a lot for wanting to get in shape. That's b/c it is and this is why people are not successful. 

I am here to help you through this so you can attain your goals. 

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Cost and How long?

Personal Health Coaching

Personal Training Only - 2 times per week (45 minute blocks)

12 week minimum commitment 

$425 per month (or $1275 in full)

Sustainable Nutrition Guide included

Will be sent to you as a PDF for you to follow

Personal Health Coaching

Personal Training Only - 3 times per week (45 minute blocks)

12 week minimum commitment 

$595 per month (or $1785 in full) 

Sustainable Nutrition Guide included

Will be sent to you as a PDF for you to follow

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