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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Welcome to Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

There are many questions about health and the immune system since Covid-19. A healthy body includes a healthy immune system.

You maybe feeling lost or overwhelmed with all the information out there.

The Holistic Lifestyle Program that I coach you in will not only help you answer many questions but get you back on the road to health and increasing the immune system so when you go out into the world you have more confidence about your safety due to the strength of your health and immune system.


One of the risk factors for contracting CV-19 is being obese.

This is a stress on all systems of the body including the immune system.


Adding one more pill or shot vs addressing diet and lifestyle simply adds to the stress.

Learn how to manage your stress through nutrition.

Preparing Food

I will send you a comprehensive lifestyle, nutrition and activity level questionnaire packet to fill out so I have a complete picture on how to coach you best to improved confidence and strength in health and immunity.

This is not a quick fix, switching out a this for that type of program. It's a lifestyle and a shift in mindset to get you on the path of a strong and healthy lifestyle.


So when you are faced with life challenges you have the courage to take it on. 


Have a question?

  • Can this be done virtually via Zoom? Yes

  • Do you have accountability check-ins with me? Yes

  • Will there be setbacks and obstacles? Yes, that is life; nothing is smooth sailing

  • What is the length of time that work with me to get healthy? While this is a lifelong journey to health and growth it takes commitment to self not a restrictive timetable.

  • What is the cost? See below for cost and it is 12 weeks minimum to work with me to help you develop the foundation to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your mindset.

Holiday Pricing. Prices will be increasing 2022

  • Total cost $1,125 or 3 payments of $375 or $75 per session (reg fees $90/session)

  • These are 3 blocks of 5 sessions or 15 sessions.

  • Meeting once a week for 12 weeks (3 of those sessions are for my time assessing paperwork and putting the plan together.

  • No refunds; No transfers to another service

Coaching consists of planning and goal setting in 6 Foundational Factors in your life:

  • Nutrition

  • Working out and Working In

  • Hydration

  • Breathing

  • Sleep

  • Mindset/personal development. Helping you identify sabotaging beliefs and how to conquer and move beyond sabotage thinking to attain your goals. This is the piece that is missing in many programs and why you fail at the programs.

  • There will be energy work done either in person or remotely. I am Reiki certified if this is the modality needed 

  • I'm also qualified in remote healing as well. 

  • P-DTR will be done as well to help clear out any physical receptors that are creating adherent information for the brain and altering movement, altering how the tongue is working as well as the the organs. 

  • This all to help improve vitality so you can go out there and live life to your fullest. 

Shoot me a message for more information or call the studio to leave a message and I will contact you as quickly as I can.

It takes 4 weeks to see the body changing

It takes 8 weeks for family and friends to see your body changing

It takes 12 weeks for everybody else to see

It takes time for the body to heal and to get healthy.

It happens on the body's time table not your ego's time table

"Christi Sullivan is a CHEK 4 Practitioner and a CHEK Holistic Liestyle Coach 3, with extensive experience in yoga and the healing arts and sciences. She is highly skilled, capable, an excellent example of her living philosophy, and a great teacher and presenter. With her as your instructor or coach, you are sure to gain wisdom, awareness, and body-mind freedom. "

- Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Founder, CHEK Institute

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