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Strive for Progress not perfection

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Strive for Progress
not Perfection

Maybe you are a beginner, a frustrated woman in menopause struggling with your weight, or it's been so long that you are not sure where to begin.

I totally understand because it can be very overwhelming and you may feel like giving up before you even start. 

Finding the right trainer and gym can be just as overwhelming. 

I've worked in the fitness industry since I was 18 years old and I am now going to turn 52 this year (2022). I've been through 9 surgeries (most of them on my abdominal wall. You can attain a flat and strong central core but it's more than just exercise. One of those surgeries I was thrown into surgical menopause at 31 because it was a hysterectomy.


I have also experienced the interesting shift of my body entering my 50's that coincided with the pandemic where a lot of people experienced weight gain and trouble losing the weight despite working out. I'm there with you and again it's more than just working out. 

If it were only about working out you would have those six pack abs and wearing a size 4. 

You have probably recognized that self sabotaging behaviors get in the way of your goals and progress and you don't know how to conquer them so you just quit. You are simply re-enforcing limiting beliefs that you don't deserve the outcomes you want. 

Image by Brooke Lark

Nutrition is just as Key

You may have noticed that following a diet in a book works at first. 

You also begin to discover that it is not sustainable. 

You also discover an enormous amount of emotional blocks here and the diet book does not give any guidance on what to do when you want to binge eat after being triggered by a parent, a sibling, a significant other, etc.

So you binge, figure what's the point and give up re-enforcing the belief you are not good enough.

I get it! I've been there too. Even starving yourself is the same as binging on food b/c you are punishing yourself in some way. 

When we come across these triggers and limiting beliefs our nervous system goes into fight, flight or freeze. Even being depressed is a trigger to the nervous system. This holds us in a defending position and the body starts to developing inflammation instead of healing. Your body needs to be in a state of healing so you can get stronger, so you can lose weight and so you can become pain free (or as close to pain free as possible. 

So what foods am I suppose to eat? 

Good question and you want to keep in mind that some foods can stay in, some foods need to be rotated in and out and other foods go altogether. This means you have to pay attention. This also holds true for your workouts. Just like workouts needing to be changed up. Your nutrition does too. People like to shut their brains off here and don't want to think about it after they have their list of foods. This is one of the reasons why you fail in the long run because it's only a short term solution. 

Notebook and Pen

Mindset Coaching

I know! I know! You hate to write. 

Believe it or not, so do I, but I do it because of the power it holds with healing and manifesting goals.

I don't know how to do this and I don't know how to do it right!

These are excuses and intentions sent out into the universe to guarantee you don't achieve your goal or heal.

It doesn't have to be perfect. What you are writing for goals is actually not set in stone. Sometimes (often times) the goals need to be adjusted. Just like your food needs to be adjusted and the workouts need to be adjusted.

This is how you begin to tailor your food and workouts and other goals to you!

I teach you how to do this so you can become empowered taking back your health and your life.

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