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Strive for Progress, Not Perfection.


Small Group Training allows you to get more individualized attention and yet build connections within a small group to achieve your fitness goals. Christi has a unique approach to helping you reach your goals. Christi is the most experienced, educated and fun workout partner you will able to find anywhere! Your commitment to fitness and Christi's professional training programs will yield fast, noticeable results. Contact Christi to get started on a fit and healthy lifestyle today


12 week Small Group Training and Nutrition Program

New Session Starts June (more details coming; prices, day(s) and time(s))

One of the issues that both men and women struggle with is they can’t get to a gym or don’t know what to do when in the gym or they are intimidated by the gym environment. This also includes any other fitness programs or group classes such as Barre, yoga, not just weight training. Many people struggle with exercises, lifts or yoga postures. Students often feel awkward or feel weird in front of others in larger classes. Small group training allows you to get more individualized attention and feel the support of others in a small group. Class size for this class is limited to 4 people.

Christi has an extensive background in teaching group fitness both large and small. Christi is the most experienced, educated and fun workout partner you will able to find anywhere with her extensive knowledge in functional anatomy, biomechanics and the science of human movement. She has the skill set to help you find your unique placement in the lift, technique or pose. She has the skill set to find what is restricting you or you simply need a different variation.

Eating for health and weight loss is more that just eating less calories and expending more calories. If it were that simply none of us would have a problem here. The first 4 weeks you will be apart of the 28 day Challenge to help you develop the skills needed for planning food and prep. Christi will help you start by helping you with menus, grocery lists and planning for success. The next 8 weeks will be implementing those skills and adjusting according to life's challenges when it comes to food and events surrounding food.

There is an assessment at the beginning and then every four weeks. This is to help you track your progress and to make tweeks when plateaus arise because they will --it is normal it lets us know we need to make a change or the body is about ready to make a big change from the work you already have been doing.

I have created a 12 week weight training program, based off my own experience over the years, along with training hundreds of women.

My goal is to educate you, give you direction and boost your confidence while most importantly see results from your workouts.

Give me a call or send me an email for more info 970.292.8313 (studio) or go to contact page to send an email


New session starts June 3rd

See 28 Day Fitness Challenge Details

The first 4 weeks starts here this is to get you oriented into fitness again using barre or strength yoga as body weight strength training. $107 for the month includes one month membership as well as all the nutrition, goals assessments etc. that's apart of this challenge if you are not already a member

Next 8 weeks will be building upon the first four weeks.

Should you choose to stay in yoga and/or barre and decide you want to add one day of small group training that will be available on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm-6:30pm.

We will also will be building upon what you learned with food, menus, planning, goal setting, etc.. so you can develop a sustainable nutrition plan.

This is additional $240 (2 months of unlimited yoga/barre and one training in a small group once a week for the next 8 weeks)

This will not only get you through the summer learning healthy lifestyle habits and learn what to do when you fall off the wagon (because we all do) and how to gt back on without beating yourself up over it. Life happens and we need to learn how to adjust and not simply give up.

If you have more questions head to contact page and send me a message or call the studio to leave me a message to get back with you. 970.292.8313 


If you want to start you need to head to 28 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge to start.

You can not start with the Small Group Training without doing the 28 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge first.







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