Aires Tech EMF Defense Products

Aires Tech is currently the only company producing devices that are scientifically proven to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics.

They reached out to me to see if I would be willing to try their product. I was intrigued b/c with all the increased use in electronics I wasn't quite feeling myself.

EMF (electromagnetic field) is all around us; computers, phones, Fitbits, I-phones, etc... Our exposure has increased significantly over the years and even more so in 2020. In my work as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach/Pracitioner and a P-DTR practitioner I am constantly helping ppl reduce the effects. Sometimes that means getting rid of the watch altogether.

Everyone's sensitivity is different and we all need to unplug for a break. I have always been pretty sensitive and with the increased use of electronics I have felt this increased 'buzz' around my solar plexus.

This felt like anxiety at first and maybe some emotional work that I needed to attend to and possibly foods that needed to come out of my diet. While this did help it was only temporary.

Aires Tech reach out to me to try their product to decrease the exposure of EMF. This product is endorsed by my teacher and mentor Paul Chek. This intrigued me and I went to Paul's blog to read about his experience and why he's endorsing Aires Tech. I said YES!! Paul was describing that same buzz but his was around his kidneys. So I thought I would give it a try. It works for me or it doesn't, right?

They sent me the Aires Shield Pro for my device. Whether that's the phone, IPad, basically whatever I use the most. Which for most ppl is their phone. As you can see in the picture below.

They also sent me Aires Defender Pro with a case (which I LOVE the MOST!!!!). I prefer to wear mine around my neck, but you can have it your pocket or simply close to you. I chose on my body b/c it felt right to do so. The buzz or chronic anxiety feeling I had around my solar plexus is completely GONE!!

I'm so impressed with this product that I have become an affiliate for this company. You can click on my link below and use my discount code to get 10%. You seriously cannot go wrong with this product. It will really help your body to lower stress levels which will help not only mood overall but help your immune system.

my code for 10% off: AIR113xk310

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