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What are Barre Classes?


We are offering another style of class that has benefits for the body and mind.


Barre Above is a low-impact ballet fitness based class yet a challenging total body workout

with amazing benefits for your body and mind.When you start a consistent practice of even as little as

1-2 classes per week you will begin to results. You will be amazed how fast you will begin to see results

with a consistent weekly practice.


  • You will strengthen your core, tone and define your physique with a consistent practice

  • You will increase your endurance strength, flexibility and mobility with a consistent practice

  • You will improve your balance and posture with a consistent practice

  • You will improve your mind-body connection and de-stress with a consistent practice

  • You will also begin to gain confidence and improve self-esteem with a consistent practice

When does Barre at Vitality for Life  Start?


Class times: New Schedule is up and You have In-Studio or Zoom Choice.
Please head to the Schedulicity tab to reserve your spot. In-studio space is limited to 3.
Wednesdays at 9:15 am  (60 min)
Saturdays at 9am (55 min)


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